Plantarina Floresta Urbana


The main goal of this project was to create a visual identity that showcases the beauty and significance of plants and animals, particularly in the Amazon region, with a focus on promoting educational events.

As this event is now in its third year, it has transformed into a festival format while still maintaining its core objective of raising awareness about plants.

The aim is to offer a distinctive and educational experience related to the botanical world to a wide audience.


The graphic elements used in the signage and promotional materials were inspired by the Victoria amazonica plant and pollinators like beetles and bees.

Look & feel

The overall look and feel of the project is characterized by clean lines and textures that evoke the texture of paper and the faint noise and residue left behind by an old analog photocopier.


Participating in and promoting these educational events, practical workshops, and informative talks by experts in the field has been a truly enriching experience. The project seeks to instill in everyone the importance of conserving these species and protecting their natural habitats.

Past Editions

Throughout the past three years, this event has evolved while staying true to its concept and making a significant impact on plant awareness. Previous editions featured virtual reality elements and animations.