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Seven Haunted Crows

Siete Cuervos Encantados

The best proposal for teaching and entertaining will always be a beautifully illustrated book.

Seven haunted crows are based on a classic tale, adapted to our times. A story about the tenacity and perseverance of a little girl looking for her brothers. Along the way, she meets many friends who help her overcome and find potholes.

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A’ Design Awards | Seven Haunted Crows Book by Mariela Katiuska Baez Ramirez is Winner in Graphics and Visual Communication Design Category, 2019 – 2020.

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«Read a story, help them connect with their emotions»

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Yamal se aburre

Yamal is bored

An album made with great enthusiasm between Maka, the illustrator and Mafer, the writer-psychologist. A story is written in rhyme in which the life of a racing camel named Yamal is narrated. In the book, the little reader can, in the end, write or draw their ideas to combat Yamal’s boredom.

The album manages to describe the idea of ​​taking on a new life, and how to find the end of each story in a positive way, in the most creative way that seems to the reader.

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