Casa Calma


The main objective was to develop a graphic identity that reflects the beauty and nature of the rural environment in Asturias, to attract tourists seeking an authentic and tranquil experience.

The factors taken into consideration were:
  • People who want to escape the busy city life and enjoy the natural beauty, including both local and international tourists.
  • Couples, families, and groups of friends who want to stay in rural houses and participate in outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and cycling.

The main idea behind the logo and icon was to capture the authenticity and tradition of the rural environment in northern Spain.

For the logo, we chose graphic elements like deer and apples that are unique to the location where the house is situated.

The color palette was inspired by nature, with green tones representing vegetation and earthy tones symbolizing wood and dirt trails.


To create a rustic and genuine style, we customized and illustrated the typography, complemented by a modern touch through a rounded sans-serif font.